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2015 Church Life Survey

Saturday 7 November 2015 saw over 30 of us meet to hear an analysis of our recent Church Life Survey and to collaborate on ministry priorities for the year ahead. ┬áMy emotion walking home after lunch was one of encouragement, joy and gratitude to God. We began the day looking at Ephesians 4 in which […]

Sydney Synod 2015

A reflection on the 2015 Synod of the Sydney Diocese. Roger Collison, Neutral Bay. Sydney Synod is the main governing body for the Diocese of Sydney. It brings together the interests of all of the parishes and all of the other parts of the church outside of day-to-day parish life such as Anglican Retirement Villages, […]

Love, Equality and Marriage – Question Time

David Ould took 4 questions from the floor following his conversation with Craig. The audio of the questioners was inadequate for our podcast, so the questions are summarised here: How can Christians engage in the same-sex marriage debate in a way that communicates the wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ, not religious moralism? What legal ways […]

2011 Weekend Away Talk 3 – Can We Trust the New Testament 2?

Unfortunately, we only have the first 20 minutes of this talk recorded. We’ll do our best to post up equivalent material from Dr White. Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Answering the Atheists

Very very delayed from last year, we’ve dug out the audio of our “Answering the Atheists” session in May of 2010. Some visitors from Sydney Atheists came to last year’s PubChurch and then wrote to me with some detailed attacks upon the historicity of the New Testament. We thought that would be an excellent means […]

Jenny Brown on the Pilgrim’s Podcast

extra bonus podcast for you all this week. The excellent boys at the Pilgrim’s Podcast are in the middle of a series on Counselling and Pastoral Care. This week they interview our very own Jenny Brown. Jenny provides some really helpful insights and we thoroughly recommend this interview to you. Many thanks to the wonderful […]

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