Digging Deeper

A draft blog post – proof of concept

This blog post is a test of a concept for our upcoming discipleship guides. We are seeking to make the discipleship guides work in different ways for different people, and we thought this would be a good way to do it. The blog post is designed to get feedback on the layout / style, etc., […]

Jewish Rejection in Acts

One thing that continues to strike me as we wrap up our current sermon series in Acts (12:19b-13:12 here and 13:13-52 here) is the almost continual theme of Jewish division and rejection which hangs over from Luke's gospel. We saw this topic raise it's head again recently. First, there's Paul's encounter with the false prophet, Bar-Jesus, […]

Singing About God’s Judgment

This week in our "Preaching the Pronouns" series at church we've reached "Them" – the doctrine of the unbeliever. Though I'm not preaching this week, I did have to pick songs for us to sing together. Have you ever tried to pick songs on the theme of God's judgement? Perhaps you'd think that's tricky? Curiously, […]

The Angel of the LORD – the pre-incarnate Christ

Sunday’s sermon at Neutral Bay Anglican on Jude 1-13 raised, once again, the issue of the presence of the Second Person of the Trinity in the Old Testament. In particular Jude makes the striking claim that… Jude 1:5 … the Lord [Jesus] delivered his people out of Egypt… A quite remarkable statement, but one which […]

The “Spiritual” Resurrection Body of 1 Corinthians 15

The Christian claim is that the first Easter morning saw a quite extraordinary event. Jesus of Nazareth, crucified on a Friday afternoon, rose from the dead on Sunday. The Resurrection was an entirely physical one. So, for example, the Anglican 39 Articles of Religion put it this way: Article IV Of the Resurrection of Christ […]

Theology Matters

Great little video from DugDownDeep h/t: Aaron via the Clone


Two events this week are seemingly unrelated; the disclosure under duress by a 14 year old girl on 2Day-FM radio station that she had been raped 2 years earlier, and Peter Costello writing an editorial piece in the Herald warning that proposed changes to the anti-discrimination laws will serve lawyers and hurt churches.  They may […]

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