More than the Birds and the Bees

‘More than the Birds & the Bees’  is a seminar for parents, run by Sydney University lecturer and sexologist Patricia Weerakoons. Patricia will go beyond the basics and challenge parents to fully engage in  their role of shaping & influencing your children to manage their bodies confront secular influences and conduct their sexulity & relationships, […]

Find Forgiveness Here

The newspapers described how a boy on his birthday was taken by his friends to a remote bush site, tormented and finally killed with an axe. No real motive could explain the killing. One of the boys recorded the grisly act on his phone. Afterwards, when it was played back in court, the parents of […]

Who’s Your Superhero?

Jesus is the only real superhero. As God’s perfect, obedient son, He came to earth especially for us so that He might die on the cross and pay for our sin. Because He was without sin, He rose from the dead. In doing so He defeated death for all those who trust in Him for […]

Dear Mr Dawkins…

  1. We agree, your god is a ‘delusion’.  a. The god you create and then deny isn’t the particular God who’s there. b. Why should God be made of the same stuff as us? c. God is not an equation. He’s a person. d. God is entitled to reveal Himself when and how He […]

Share your life with Jesus

I’ve been watching Coke commercials for decades. I remember a brilliant one with a huge, plastic beach ball floating on the ocean with people inside the ball! And this was long before the days of computer aided graphics. It was real! And people really were sliding around inside it, falling and laughing and shouting and […]

Jesus is, like, actually God

“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” (Mark 10:45) The text to her friend read: ‘Chiselled abs – bronzed skin’. Everyone knows someone who fits this description, whether it’s Sonny Bill Williams, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Fabio. And who […]

Jesus Only Came for Sinners

“You really are self-righteous!” How’s that for a top rate insult? It means you think you’re morally superior, that you’re better than others. Only proud and arrogant people think that way. So who gets called self-righteous? Well, often religious people. Some of them really seem to think they’re pretty good, more righteous than others. Which is […]

Can God Become a Man? – James White vs Abdullah Kunde debate audio

Here’s the full audio from the debate of 17 October 2011. It’s a big file, 66.5mb, and over 2 hours long! Enjoy! Podcast: Play in new window | Download

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