10 Questions

10Q – 2:Why are there so many starving children in the World?

Our second challenge provided by the Atheists is “Why are there so many starving children in the World?” Again, we will work through the main sections of the argument. If, on any Sunday morning in America, you were to visit a Sunday school class full of small children, there are two things that are nearly […]

10Q – 1:Amputees

We turn now to the first of the ten questions that the atheists have posed us. “Why won’t God heal amputees?” The challenge is quite robust: According to the Standard Model of God: God is all-powerful. Therefore, God can do anything, and regenerating a leg is trivial. God is perfect, and he created the Bible, […]

10 Questions from the Atheists

Here in Australia, considerable attention was given to the recent Global Atheist Convention held in Melbourne. The event generated a lot of interest in the local media, particularly focusing not so much on the arguments made but on the (allegedly) unnecessary insults handed out by prominent platform speakers. One Australian, Christian senator was described by […]

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