Congratulations on your engagement! St Augustine’s is a classic stained-glass with sandstone church that doesn’t look empty with 60 guests, but can accommodate up to 200.

We’re confident that we can provide you with not only a fantastic wedding day but also, and more importantly, a solid foundation for your married life.

We at St Augustine’s are committed to upholding marriage as the best lifestyle choice for couples. If you are looking for a church wedding where you turn up on The Day and that’s it, then please do not bother reading on, St Augustine’s is not the church for you.

Any fool can get married. It’s a lot harder to stay married.

Our commitment to marriage drives us to require that all our engaged couples undertake a relationship coaching course prior to their wedding, and our experience of preparing couples for marriage tells us that our marriage preparation program gives the best results for couples.

Every few months we run a Marriage Preparation Day, held on a Saturday from 9:30am to 3:30pm and you can expect:

  • Strategies to help you better communicate, resolve any conflict and encourage each other
  • Time out to talk through your expectations of marriage
  • A mock wedding, complete with organist
  • Suggestions for music, hymns & Bible readings to have in your wedding service
  • No more than 8 couples
  • Building a Strong Marriage Workbook
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea

There is no additional charge for all this. Our time together will be structured around the Prepare-Enrich relationship survey which you will need to complete sometime in the fortnight prior to the Day. One of our ministers will review your survey and tailor the breakout parts of the Day especially to your relationship.

Following your Marriage Preparation Day, your minister will meet with you to help you both think through the vows and promises that you will make on your wedding day. This will help you to better understand marriage and ensure that your wedding won’t be an empty religious ceremony, but rather, you both will feel the weight of your promises as you make them. This will make your wedding a far more profound and memorable moment in your life together. These meetings also provide opportunity to tailor your wedding to meet your dreams!

Your minister will give you our Wedding Preparation Checklist which will ensure that every last detail of your wedding is covered, and we can suggest the names of various suppliers for you (e.g., organists, florists & photographers). We receive no financial incentive to recommend these suppliers to you – they are simply the best people we know.

The Fine Print

i. Securing your booking

If you would like to explore getting married at St Augustine’s, we ask that you come to one of our Sunday services (8am, 10am or 5pm) to see the layout of our church and to get to know one of the ministry team over morning tea or supper after church.

We can then confirm your wedding booking, and map out a wedding preparation timetable that will ensure that you both will be completely prepared for your wedding and that nothing will go wrong.

“Nothing will go wrong, but if it does, we will fix it.”

ii. Costs

There is no fee for your minister’s time spent with you in preparing your wedding service, but we do charge couples $850 to get married at St Augustine’s. This donation is directed towards

  • the maintenance of the sandstone and stained glass that looks so good in your photographs,
  • the costs of the Prepare-Enrich course & Marriage Preparation Day
  • our ministers’ Discretionary Fund which allows them to help families & individuals in financial crisis.

iii. Other Requirements

  • We can make available silk bows to hang on the ends of the pews if you wish.
  • We love bubbles, but not rice, confetti or flower petals.
  • Should you opt for organ music during your wedding, we can recommend several organists to you, who charge approximately $200.
  • Finally, we want you both make a point of regularly attending Sunday church services at St Augustine’s prior to your wedding. We ask this for 2 reasons;
  1. you will have a chance to get comfortable with the minister who will marry you and the style of service that he or she conducts, and
  2. we know you love each other, that’s why you’re getting married. The best way to succeed at anything in life is to aim to achieve it at the highest level. The highest, best and purest form of love that we know is God’s love for us. The Bible says that God loved us so much that he let his only son die in our place so that our sins might be dealt with so we might be brought back into a right relationship with God. We explain this love of God for us at our Sunday meetings.

“This is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son to take away our sins.” (The Bible.)


If you are divorced, you can still get married at St Augustine’s. An additional appointment will need to be made with your minister as their licence to marry a divorcee requires an understanding of the circumstances surrounding the failure of the previous marriage(s), and to seek approval from our local bishop to marry that person. Whilst this is usually a formality, it should not be presumed upon, and so time will need to be made available to work this issue through.

We look forward to seeing you and your fiancé at one of our Sunday services (8am, 10am or 5pm).

photo by kind permission of  iNLiGHTEN

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