What we stand for

St Augustine’s is an evangelical church in the Anglican tradition.
We aim to be the first choice location for people in and around Neutral Bay to come to,
when they want to do life well.


We unashamedly commend a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, who is our creator God’s eternal solution to the problems and pains of this world.

It is only when a person comes to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that they can experience freedom from sin & judgment now & forever and enjoy the life God intends for each one. We will therefore seek to use our time, treasure and talents to make Jesus known to all and to encourage all to enjoy an ever-deepening relationship with him.

God promises to work by his Spirit, through his Word to reconcile people back to himself through his Son.  Bible-based sermons will therefore be a key feature of our church life, and the Bible will also be central to our Connect Groups.

We hold to the sufficiency of the Bible as it points to Jesus Christ.  We are convinced that Jesus Christ fulfils all of the Old Testament’s promises, died in our place for our sins, and rose again to secure for us a restored relationship with our God who has become our Saviour.



Created in the image of God, we are made for relationships.  Our church structures (built and programmed) will therefore promote relationships.  First and foremost with God and then with others.  This is the key to doing life well.

Where programmes are not promoting interpersonal relationships within the context of a restored relationship with God, those programmes should be suspended.

We aim to provide gospel-shaped ministry to every demographic band and subculture within our local area. This includes multiple Sunday services that meet different needs, and developing a culture of other-person-centred service within our church.

The God-given gifts and passions of church members will be used to help determine where each one should serve the church.  The aim is to have Christians serving in ministries that they are passionate about and require their particular skills and abilities, so their service is a joy to them and those whom they serve.

Connect Groups will be the primary place of pastoral care within St Augustine’s, with Connect Groups clustered together to provide occasional larger gatherings in private homes.  Together with Christianity Explored courses, these will be key avenues of integration for newcomers into the life of our Christian community.



The Bible confirms that Christian ministry is for all Christians and that God has gifted his people with leaders who should be set aside to devote their energies full-time to serving and equipping God’s people for works of service.  Staff appointments will be made having consideration for

i)                 Convictions – does the applicant share our evangelical beliefs?

ii)                Competencies – does the applicant possess the skillset necessary to perform the tasks required of the position?

iii)               Character – is the applicant’s life marked by godliness, teachability and a concern for others?

iv)               Culture – will the applicant’s personality and traits complement the existing ministry team?  And does the applicant
understand the social distinctives of Neutral Bay and surrounding suburbs?



Our buildings will be maintained and where necessary improved to meet prevailing WH&S standards and to facilitate the coming together of people in a variety of contexts.  The constraints of our heritage church building dictate that we will not be a large regional church with congregations of more than 130 adults.  We will therefore be a church where it is possible for everyone to know everyone else in their congregation.


Gospel Partners

St Augustine’s is concerned to see all people everywhere hear the good news of the gospel, repent and be saved by Christ.  To that end, we will financially and prayerfully support Gospel Partners who engage in valuable ministries

i)                    that we as a local church cannot do
ii)                   in places that we are not.

Following the New Testament pattern of relationally-driven support for those involved in gospel work, St Augustine’s will look to support as Gospel Partners individuals and organisations with whom our church has a relational link.

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