Answering the Atheists


Very very delayed from last year, we’ve dug out the audio of our “Answering the Atheists” session in May of 2010. Some visitors from Sydney Atheists came to last year’s PubChurch and then wrote to me with some detailed attacks upon the historicity of the New Testament. We thought that would be an excellent means of talking to church about the issues that arose.

Here’s the audio file. It’s low quality in some places and only a mono track. Also, some audience questions don’t get picked up properly.


You will also need the Answering the Atheists pdf handout.

Here’s some other links to help you out.

Ignatius on Jesus’ birth

Justin Martyr on Jesus’ birth

Ehrman Project – perhaps the most famous modern-day exponent of these kinds of attacks upon the reliability and historicity of the New Testament is Bart Ehrman. The Ehrman Project is a great site of videos responding directly to these kinds of arguments. For example, here is Dan Wallace (a well-respected NT Greek professor) on the reliability 0f the New Testament…

And yes, I keep saying “Deep Sea Scrolls” when I mean “Dead Sea Scrolls”!

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